Hair/Makeup I love hair.  I have always loved hair! My style, for both hair and makeup, is simplistic beauty. I am inspired by and celebrate inner beauty much more than exterior. I love working with brides who are more excited about who they get to marry over worrying about if they have the most extravagant wedding. I try to keep cost low because I truly want to bless brides during a very expensive season of their lives’. I also just love celebrating marriage and it feels magical to play a small role on such a big day.  I love enhancing women's beauty as naturally as possible.  

Organization/Design  I feel a call to simplify, as this world tends to clutter almost every area of our lives’ (time, beauty, homes, etc). I love to create peaceful, organized, functional and simple environments.  Let me know if:  1. You have storage to go through, unruly closet spaces, kitchen cupboards that don't make sense or stuff that needs to find a better spot in your home (or even a new home) or 2. You could use a fresh eye to get your home ready for sale or wish to spruce up your home by simply using what you already have in a new way.

I am currently keeping things simple and working with mostly friends and family, as time has been tricky lately!  However, feel free to call or email and we can chat.

Thank you for visiting!  Come back soon.