...because it does matter

I recently watched a documentary about how the Big Food industry has been selling the lie that it’s our culture’s fault we are fat; it’s our children’s laziness that has led to increasing childhood obesity rates; that we don’t exercise enough….but “Fed Up” says it’s the garbage that’s put in our food that’s to blame.  Here’s the trailer to the film, if you’d like the shorthand version :  http://fedupmovie.com/#/page/home

The core of their message is true.  There is a problem to address and between diet fades and everyone trying to make a quick buck; who do we trust?  

Jeremy and I try to eat mostly Paleo, which nomnompaleo.com describes as a diet "based on the notion that for optimal health, modern humans should go back to eating real, whole unprocessed foods that are more healthful than harmful to our bodies”.  I try to stick to the outside aisles of the grocery store (fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy) and make a lot of food at home.  We aren’t rigid.  We are regulars at Qdoba and Bagel Boy and there’s a level of respect to be given when you’re at someone else’s home and they’ve prepared something for you.  Ultimately, we have decided that what we put into our bodies, these temples we have been given, does matter.  

For me personally, this last year has been a lot of personal research about how food makes me feel.  Do I get a headache after I eat something?  Do I feel sluggish, even when I have had enough sleep?  Am I (sorry for the TMI) constipated, bloated or gassy?  These are all questions that have been answered through taking out certain foods for extended periods of time and seeing how it does or does not affect me.  I have learned that I have a gluten sensitivity (too much gives me a dull headache), sugar gives me an insulin high and then a crash (which leads to being tired at inappropriate times during the day), eating lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and meats helps me stay *ahem* regular (which I have had issues with my whole life), and my body craves less garbage the less I eat of it and more the more I eat of it.  

What makes me seriously mad is the research that has been done about how big companies are trying to make our children addicted to sugar at an early age to create dedicated consumers.  Apparently a movement against companies that are packing “food” with garbage has picked up speed because according to http://fortune.com/2015/05/21/the-war-on-big-food/, "Major packaged-food companies lost $4 billion in market share alone last year, as shoppers swerved to fresh and organic alternatives. Can the supermarket giants win you back? Say the following out loud: Artificial colors and flavors. Pesticides. Preservatives. High-fructose corn syrup. Growth hormones. Antibiotics. Gluten. Genetically modified organisms.  If any one of these terms raised a hair on the back of your neck, left a sour taste in your mouth, or made your lips purse with disdain, you are part of Big Food’s multibillion-dollar problem. In fact, you may even belong to a growing consumer class that has some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies scrambling to change their businesses.”  This seems like a move in the right direction, if you ask me.  

Katie Couric quotes in “Fed Up”, "But, one thing that does make perfect sense is that we are natural beings and, therefore, natural food from the earth is so much better for us than processed foods.” This is a simple answer to a really really big problem.  If we are increasingly unhealthy humans, there is an issue and we need to face that.  I am not saying “go buy everything organic” or “you can’t have sugar anymore”…I’m mostly saying we need to be mindful of what we are purchasing and consuming.  It shouldn’t be so hard and we should be able to trust what’s in the grocery store, but I’m not so sure we can.  It’s got to start in your kitchen, with your budget, and your own personal research.  

Blessings on your own personal journey through a more healthful life, inside and outside the grocery store!